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Hi Guys,
Surprised I survived the day today, I only got about 2 hours sleep and some of that was interrupted. It’s not my first free day yet since I was still technically gambling until the early hours but I had money in my pocket but drove past my usual bookies after work instead of diving in for a flutter before my wife and daughter missed me…it helped that I had scared myself so badly yesterday, it was pretty much D-day since I was going to go overdrawn with the bank, even more so when I don’t have an arrangement in place.

I was pretty upset anyway but in the end I was left angry that one particular gaming site insisted on ID and proof of deposit, address, ownership of account etc. before they would allow any withdrawals which is just a sly way of getting you to gamble your winnings back before you had to chance to cash out; so much for Caring about responsible gambling ! But I’m determined to wait patiently, if only to get the funds back in my account to cover some bills. See you all tomorrow TF