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The tips for stopping gambling are elsewhere on this site and if you read other people’s post on here you will see them re-iterated time and again. So here goes:
1) Ban yourself from all the places you might be tempted to gamble at – both online and off.

2) Get as much support for yourself as possible – usually through a self-help group such as GA – or similar. You can also see if there is counselling available via your medic.

3) Carry as little money as possible with you and if you can hand over your finances to someone you trust – even if just for the early days.

4) Keep as busy as possible with things that are not going to make a dent in your finances – and that will take your mind away from gambling.

My personal opinion is that you have to work your recovery as hard as you work your gambling. I went to meetings every evening and found things to do at weekends (courses etc) that took up ALL my time so that I could not go out and gamble. I was not an online gambler.

You are young and you can see where you are headed if you don’t stop – a great insight – I wish I had had it when I was your age. I have seen people go to prison, lose their homes and families and even their lives to gambling. If you can stop now you will change your life for the better … I wish you well.