Hi again San.
I admire your strength and determination and I think you are doing really well. I agree so much that the caring mother part of you/us always feels the conflict and it can be very painful. But the knowledge you have gained is helping you to make the best decisions you can in this context. Yes, your son needs to be cared for, but his addiction needs to be ‘starved’ – funny that I used that word, when he is pressurising you for food! Your son must not starve, but the addiction should be starved. And your son will not starve – experience seems to show that the addict can be very resilient and get what they need to survive. Even the ones who seem so fragile to the mums and others who love them.
Keep on looking after YOU. A strong Mum is the best one your son could have, even if he does not appreciate that just now. Have a good weekend.