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Hey Rscs
Would you normally have had a bet on that game? It’s hard when we gamble on a sport that we actually enjoy… I was watching it too…. but I’ve never bet on Football.
Whilst you were watching you said you thought about a bet, could watching the game have been a trigger? was watching it a test to see how you fely or did you just not thinks about any potential issue ?
I for example only ever played poker with a few other casino games here and there… could or would I watch poker on telly, simply the answer is no it wouldn’t do me any good, the pleasure was from the participating not from the watching
Somewhere there is an article, and I really can’t find it but it went along the lines of looking at what form of gambling we do can have an effect on the way we work recovery.
For example Poker, horse racing, slots are a that few where all designed as pure gambling entertainment / gambling opertunities, however football, rugby, cricket, golf etc were designed as sport and not as gambling opportunities
The question was, if someone who loves football but gambles on football and becomes a CG, should they stop watching football, stop reading the sports pages.. in other words stop setting themselves up for a fall
The answer was its dependant on the person, but what It did say was that it recommended that whilst in early recovery a non gambling sport that you may have bet on should be avoided for a time especially in the early months of recovery, the time depended on the individual who may realise that actually it wasn’t the game it was the gambling that led them to the game
Just some thinking for you, I wish I could find the article… but I think it’s clear enough