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Well i already sound like ages ago. But today 30 free of making any bets. But this time I took more drastic steps then I did the first time.

1. Finances.
I copied my banking app to my girlfriends phone. I still can see the availalble balance but I can’t login without her knowing. Every 0,01 cent I spend , she will get a notification. She will keep that banking app for at least a year, but possibly forever.

2- Access.
Blocked all the sites a frequently visited. Furthermore most of my account where linked to one Gmail account. I threw that account away( avoid temptation from email offers)
Further more I changed my phone number. I get SMS messages from Time to Time with some offers. Just to avoid any temptation. After that I removed all the screenshots I had saved over the past 5 year. Again to avoid any temptation. Also installed betblocker on my phone to strengten the safety net further.

3 Time.
Whenever I get urges I visit the forum to read trough some journals. Further more I am working on a setting up an emulator so I can play some of the classic games whenever I get some urges. Just to kill a little of time.

Today is 30 days, I wish I could celebrate and take my girlfriend out for dinner. But this (smart) lockdown is making that impossible……

I think flowers will do 🙂