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Today ended up being a lousy day!!! The refrigerator guy was supposed to be out between 9-10am. He was out the last time I was in the city and had to order parts for the ice dispenser. He called and tried to reschedule for next Tuesday as he was busy. I told him either he come out today as scheduled or to forget it and that I would call the home warranty company with whom he is affiliated. Low and behold, he was here within 20 mins and repaired it. My ex son in law called, blah, blah. He can’t let my Daughter go!! They haven’t been together for over 2 years! It is starting to effect my Grandson as he is tired of hearing it also. And blah, blah, he can’t take my Grandson to his baseball game tomorrow. He was the one that was gung ho for him playing another season. So, I am taking him. Not that I mind taking him but his Dad puts him in activities and then doesn’t want to participate. My youngest Daughter text me while I was waiting for my Grandson to get out of school. She is packing up her stuff and has to move. Okay, I can’t help her as my Grandson isn’t allowed to be around her and she obviously wants me to get her somewhere to live. I have rented apartments for her with promises of her getting a job and she has been kicked out of everyone. I have gotten her hotel rooms but that becomes real costly. Honestly, I think I am done with all of that. It doesn’t help her! I end up taking care of all of her friends who crash there. My Grandson and I are home and he asked me if we could just stay home tonight and relax. Poor thing, he has long days with school and then karate camp. So, we had dinner and we are making ice cream sundaes later on for dessert. I am just mentally exhasted!!!!