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Today is payday (i hope).
I am meeting friends later for a meal and my first thought was i need to get something new to wear.
It’s that impulsiveness that I have to fight against. I do this all the time and spend too much and still haven’t got decent clothes.
Today i will make do and when i go shopping I will buy things that are chosen carefully and that i can get lots of wear out of.
Taking the time to think – not jut about gambling but about all those small decisions in my life, especially those that involve money, will make a long term difference. It is a comfortable feeling to know that I now have access to money should an emergency arise. I need to focus on continuing ti build those savings but also I need to have extra left over in my regular account so I do not have to dip into those savings all the time.

So for today its a re-wear- I bet no-one even notices!

onwards and upwards