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Today is the last day of my four day weekend. I am trying not to think about work.
I accomplished a few things…
I cleaned the oven.
I pulled clothes out of mine and my husband’s closet (a huge garbage bag full) for a friend who is having a yard sale. Also got together two bags of books for her.
Yesterday, we went to The Magic Kingdom. I don’t know how many more times our children will want to be with us like that. Already, I know we are blessed that they give us the time of day. Ten hours there and although I can walk today, my legs are sore. We had a great day, but there was some tension and arguments towards the end. There are not enough places to smoke! ( just kidding-sort of). My nicotine addiction was making me grumpy, and there was a moment after about 4 hours that I wasn’t sure I was really at “the happiest place on earth”. My daughter was so pleased that we went. She wanted to show us where she works and all the characters that she helps. My husband met Goofy, his favorite! I hugged him first and talked into his ear, I told him my hb is a huge fan and to please embarrass him very badly. And so he did!!! Goofy grabbed Reub and practically put him in a choke hold, he hugged him so hard and wouldn’t you know, we got video and Reub was grinning ear to ear like a little kid. You wouldn’t have known he’s 44 yrs old. What a great moment. My daughter calls them magical moments:)
So I am just contrasting yesterday against a day of gambling and there really is no comparison. I slept like a baby, I spent what I wanted and still have money in the bank. I am sore, but not depressed. I have memories that are not going to haunt me. My children are happy, beacause despite my grumpiness yesterday they don’t see me weepy and emotional today. I am not nauseous. I can share what we did on facebook if I want and have not a moment’s worth of shame.
So take that gambling! I found some fun that doesn’t have a price tag I can’t afford.yesssssss!!