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Sometimes the people that you least expect can be the most insightful. The folks that I work with heard the talk of what my boss has been trying to pull with me and voted me the “hardest working woman in the building “. Guess my boss won’t be liking that too much. They acknowledge she is a nice person, for the most part, but a weak manager who lacks experience. Hallelujah. Someone gets it. She was in today but avoided me like the plaque. Suits me fine. I’m not one of those political people that can smile when I want to punch you in the face. My face just reads “wanna punch you in the face”. Could be the short coming extraordinaire of my career life. Personal maybe too. I will get through this like I have the last 10 years or so since the workplace that I have loved for so long began to morph into the horror show that if is now. It’s hard to keep good people and those you can keep are only waiting to retire.
I shouldn’t let it trigger me though, as I understand that it will and should make a plan for when I know I’m coming home with pent up rage and disappointment.

How are YOU feeling today?