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I learned some interesting things today, sometimes we keep learning the same thing over and over again throughout our lives and there was also something about that for me today.

Firstly, I always knew this for some time I have been unhappy in my home and today on going out albeit to the hospital confirmed this again as my mood instantly lifts when not in the home.
Secondly, somtimes it takes someone else to,pinpoint where we are. I sometimes lose perspective and don’t know where I am in the great scheme of things and the journey through life. I experienced this when I had gas and air giving birth to my my daughter. I sudden.y ,just don’t know quite where I was and I guess run away from things. I remember about five minutes before giving birth, after quite an Intense few hours, labour stopped and i got up off the table to go home. I have had this to a greater or lesser extent in my adult life. Anyway, saw the doctor and he think I just have inflammation of the bowel, similar to what I have had in the stomach. Which yet again confirms my diagnosis. God, I really missed my vocation in life. And all of it stress induced. Going to do a colonoscopy just to be sure. I explained that I had not taken the triple therapy because laid low with chest infection, he said, well you’re not breathless, feverish or coughing so I guess you can start taking it now. And I thought, yes, ok, the chest is getting better, i guess. And that was that. My mood is somewhat better again. On the way to the hospital I saw Ben, my eldest son at the railway station which is not local to him, on the opposite platform with the grandkids who are down from Scotland. We were shouting across at each other and will go out to lunch this week. On the way home I went to marks and Spencer’s and spent a small amount of money on some decent food. Just like my mother who won’t let her standards drop. She had one week of meals on wheels and then got her food bought in weekly from m And s. It was ghastly food on meals on wheels I have to say. Al in all, I should now get off my butt and venture into the world again. I have spent 10 weeks in virtual seclusion, aside from GA, and it is now time to go back out into the world Pete just bought me a glass of wine as I am typing this so can’t be that bad. Certainly today has been good.