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Tomorrow I go to the city for 5 days, to see my Grandson as he is coming home tomorrow from his 17 day vacation in Hawaii and to get some business done, re: condo. I feel like I am the most blessed person. My Mom told me how much she was going to miss me while I am gone and how much she appreciated all that I do for her. My Daughter called and told me she missed me like crazy and couldn’t wait to see me tomorrow and my Grandson called telling me that he couldn’t wait to see me tomorrow evening and wanted to know if I would pick him up from the airport. It is awesome to be loved and to hear how much you mean to others. I spent the whole weekend with my Mom and we went to lunch, antiquing and at her request, I spent the night with her. It was truly enjoyable. We found out that my Aunt (by marriage) had past away. She was 83 years old and had been in bad health. My Mom and her were real close in their younger days. I think she needed someone with her. I think it must be hard when you get elderly and those around you are dying. My Mom’s only living sibling is 91 years old, her other sister and 2 brothers have passed away. When I get back to town, my Mom and I are going to the 3 gyms and picking one that we can workout at. I did laundry, packing, and paid bills, nothing exciting. I need to focus also on doing some things around the new home when I get back. When spring comes, I am having a 6 foot fence built around my backyard. The fence I have now is about 4 feet tall and some of it has seen better days. I am collecting pictures and ideas for the outdoor living space. I found plans for a fire pit that I am building myself. (brick) I am so excited about it!!!! I need to repaint some of the rooms, the colors I like and a few cosmetic things need to be done inside but not anything major. So, I am just plugging along enjoying life!! No gambling for me! It isn’t worth it!