Dearest Jenny
I am so touched by your reply – I am so sorry your dog is near the end of days – Somehow we must be living in a parallel universe as I am going thru the same thing with our cat.

Poor guy is almost 20 years old(!) and has a huge tumor on his neck (along with other things.) We are seeing if anything else can be done for him – all the while listening to him wheeze and make weird noises – already been to Vet ER 3 times – appt with specialist tomorrow to see if that will make any difference.

All this is to say I hear you – when faced with losing a loved one (furry or otherwise) the addiction cackling in the distance has little matter. (On top of that my Dad had a stroke Friday nite – in hospital,doing ok, recovering,) but furthermore making me realize that the addiction has No Place for me – there are so many other things I need to give my focus and time to – And I know you recognize that as well.

Give your dog all your love, warmth and hugs and he will know he was loved up until his last breath – and isn’t that what we all want??

Thinking of you with much love and admiration…