Touching base to say Hi, Cathy.
Just read where you mentioned on another thread that your son is about 11 months free. Same as me!
333 days to be exact.
Every time I see a young guy in GA , I think “that could be Cathy’s son”!
Yes, I agree we do have to distance ourselves from our grown children’s behaviour, which is extremely difficult for a mother. It can be especially heart breaking when your “child” is in trouble. My son is not a CG. I am, as you know, but he has “issues” that are similar to gambling. and can be AWOL for very long periods then just as I feel I’m beginning to cope, he springs up from nowhere and everything changes.
I definitely agree that its all about the way WE as mother’s cope with this behaviour that affects our well being. As a CG, of course I took the obvious escape route until I realised that the “cure” was more harmful than the cause.
It’s not about being selfish. Mother’s will always hold our “children” in our hearts but we sadly, cannot always hold the once chubby hands that we want to grip still.
So, we surrender them to God, to the World or to Life depending on our beliefs.
I think the key to dealing with a “wayward” child, is to first of all protect yourself, stop trying to change him or her and pray that God will bring them back, through the right people, to the right road. Many things are beyond our control.
You might be interested to hear, Cathy, that I attended the very first Women’s GA group tonight.
Keep on trying to see what works best.
“God loves a trier”!!!!
I hope you are doing well in your recovery , odaat.
United we stand, dived we fall!