Hi Jenny,

I understand your point, why should I leave my wife for my own peace of mind and left my daughter there to possibly suffer the addiction?

My wife has turned very combative, she called my brother’s wife and in a very loud voice and angry tone declared that her lawyer told her that she will win custody. She probably didn’t tell her own lawyer that she has a gambling addiction because she is still in denial. I think she is very angry at me right now. I left her, I tried to take her child away from her, she blamed me for her family turning against her. If I ask for total custody and give her only visitation, she will be much more angry and may use my child against me. I feel that she will not endanger our child. She could, at anytime drop off our daughter at her mom’s house. Yes, you mentioned the possibility that my wife’s addiction will get worst. That is my worst fear. I will discuss this with my attorney.