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Sorry to hear about your aggravation and frustration today, kPat. It’s the same the world over.
Hope the spring chorus concert went well and helped you relax and unwind. You will be so proud of your boy.

I sat for hours now reading your journal and felt the pain and all the same feelings with you. It just took me back to my days at casinos. It was as if you were writing my journal.

It is such a stark reminder that this beast is so much bigger than we expected but never too big that God cannot deliver you or set you free. I’m routing for you and praying for you.

You have the right focus and tenacity to succeed with a loving caring husband. You are very blessed. You also have a wonderful family who are close and loving and no family is without the normal growing up pains. They bring us closer and give us good times of sharing, laughter and memories.

I was so amused and laughed out loud at your ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ analogy when you self excluded. That was classic and you didn’t turn around and turn into a pillar of salt.
Well done on your journey and picking up to get back on track. It is a journey and each day is one step closer.
You’re doing so well and I look forward to your posts.

Keep posting.