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Tried to sleep an hour this afternoon. I do that sometimes as I often work until 4 or 5am in the morning. My sleep is not again. Due in part to the gambling and the dissatisfaction I feel with my life. I am starting to make plans to leave this place I live in. Its a run down depressing area and I think it is not good for my own mental health.

I have a brother who lives in the USA ….. that’s the plan. But it only works if I do not gamble. Other wise I will be in this isolated hole forever. It is now time to change. I can do the work I do here from there. And who knows where it can lead me. Sometimes in life we have to enable change on every front. We get 1 shot at living. If it goes wrong or does not suit me then flats and towns like I am living now will always be waiting for me.

I need interaction again in my life. Can not stand much more of the solitude. I have many plans and an idea for my next venture but its not gonna happy here. If anything it gives me something to work towards. Which I am doing daily. and Nightly.