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1. my mum and the warm weather
2. unexpected bill

I have activated the auto roaming service and incur ridiculously high charges for my phone bill.

The weather is hot tonight. My 88 years old mum wanted to use the fan I was using, of cos the priority goes to her but we have another fan standing next to her. I cannot think, I was just angry.

I took some time out and left home for a cup of coffee at the café. I was angry and gambling thought flashes in my mind.
After I have calm down, something tell me that my mum was like me, she does not know how to use the new fan just like I do not know how to use the auto roaming service.
When I reach home, I just switch on the fan standing next to her and tell her nicely if she need help to switch on the fan, just let anyone of us know.

Thank God, I was able to be kind to my mum instead of wanting to be proven right, I cannot remember doing this on other occasions. I cannot resist proving others wrong and myself right. I can be harsh and unforgiving in my tone when I speak to someone. How many times have my mum and love ones been hurt by me this way.

A few hours ago, I just read the book of romans, yet my sinful nature still think of sinning when I was triggered.

Thank God, I believe and have faith in Christ, my solution is not gambling.
I have incurred a bomb from the auto roaming service, but it was my fault, just accept it and move on with life, it will be something that can be solve over time, everything should be fine.

Charles have also reminded me today that regardless what happen, accept that gambling is no longer an option.