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I know that is easier said than done – but worrying will not change anything.  If you think about it – all is okay, as if they do take the money back – well you didn’t think it was yours anyway so you are no worse off.  If they don’t take the money back – then you are in a better position than you thought and I would think of it as your higher power looking out for you.

I was in a similar situation about a year ago – when I was desperate for money to pay bills and made an enquiry about a wrongly sold insurance purchase by my bank.  I had to challenge this via an ombudsman and the bank agreed to pay me out.  I was expecting a payment in the 100s – I got almost 20x as much.  I was like you – have they made a mistake, will they want the money back.  Given how much I have paid banks in interest charges I did feel that even if it was a mistake on their part I deserved to keep the amount.  Also, someone pointed out that if I used the money to pay off credit cards and they then asked for it back – I could say yes … at an amount per month that I could afford and take years over it.

As I say that happened about a year ago and to date they haven’t asked for the money back and I am now fairly certain they are not going to.  That money was desperately needed at the time and I can’t help thinking that someone / something was looking out for me.

I am sure you will feel relief after your counselling session and that you will be able to plan a way forwards for yourself.  Keep posting and letting us know how it is going … I wish you well.