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Welcome back, Cat. Thanks for your post to my thread. The purpose of this site is to offer support to one another. Giving a little “hurdle” help is often the best we can do. Nobody can change the other person’s past, or our own but we can be here to listen, to empathize and share our good and not so good times. And to have a laugh!I prayed for you especially in church Cat and for your husband’s health problems.
The best we can do is count our blessings. Be grateful and take it one day at a time.
I smiled when I read your plans for catching up on things we neglected in the home when we were working. Hope you’re not in for a shock Cat. None of us is 25 any more. The tasks seem heavier now and they take much longer to complete so take it handy as my kind ex boss used to say and he sure did!
See you in a Live Group soon
Past my bed time now.
Meeting an ex work colleague for lunch tomorrow.
Good to keep up contact.
God bless you and yours.
Brilliant that you are G free!