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I was able to order grocieres online and pick them up yesterday curbside. We are hunkering down for the next 2 weeks as the Coronavirus is supposed to peak resulting in more deaths. I found someone who makes masks and I was able to buy 1 for my Granddaughter and 1 for myself. UGH. I’m tired of this!!
I have Easter basket stuff and eggs and a coloring kit! We will be able to have a Easter egg hunt this Sunday!!!
Hanging in there like everyone else! This is a eye opener! I’m grateful for a lot of things that I take for granted! I wake up every day with a roof over my head and food and money to purchase our essentials. We are healthy again!!!
I made a nice dinner yesterday and shared with a neighbor via leaving it at her door. She recently lost her boyfriend. She was so appreciative. Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten up someone’s day!
I know that when this pandemic is over that I am volunteering at a charitable organization in town. The outpouring of support from the citizens and organizations in my small town has been inspiring. No one is going hungry and people are pitching in to help each other. We will get through this!
Stay safe and healthy everyone!