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Nothing much to report. Have been doing Qi gong which I felt to be of benefit and wfh. Only thingof note is that I cooked the best steak ever yesterday with garlic butter and parsley. Tasted amazing. Work still slow but managed to get another of the team wfh. We still don’t have the kit for everyone as my hospital unfortunately are the poor relation in the sector. Other trusts have had the kit from early on. I thought things were improving nationally yesterday but they aren’t much after the numbers today. London though is on a downward trend. Good things are the vaccine trials, the antibodies in plasma. Watching a very British lockdown tonight and it has brought tears to my eyes.
Pete came and dropped a couple of masks today as I had to go to the Local shop yesterday without one. I missed him today but we were two metres apart As I spent ten minutes in the sunshine in the garden. All I wanted to do was give him a hug today and of course, I could not do that. Quite wistful about that.