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Well, the good weather has passed and it is now raining outside. On Sunday I lay in the garden again cloud watching and almost drifted off, there is something about blue skies and greenery that is so calming.
My second knitting project has arrived, a baby blanket. The first lies unfinished with a broken knitting needle and the wool in a jumbled mess. This is simple, it is knitting a big square. Surely I can’t go wrong on that one.
Well, we have passed the peak of the epidemic, the downward curve is far more pronounced in London. My hospital bore the brunt of the epidemic, for some reason north London was the worst affected region in the U.K. over 500 deaths and 700 recovered plus some staff has died. They stopped telling us who in their daily bulletins a while ago. We had a communication from the hospital today to say so and some planned work will be starting up again. No one thinks it is over though. At 11am there will be a minutes silence for all of the 100 or so healthcare workers who have died, plus the others, transport workers, care workers etc. Too many and we were unprepared despite warnings as far back as 2016.
I, for one, won’t want to be going back on the tube any time soon.