I am sorry about your father’s problems and what you went through. I am determined to minimize the problems my wife may cause to my daughter. The more I read about this addiction, the scarrier it gets. A friend of mine told me a lady who has a successful business, lost over a million dollars, two husbands, and still gambles. This gambling lady told my friend that sometimes she can’t sleep because all she can think about is gambling. Sometimes she would gamble away the salaries of her workers. I have a distance aunt whose husband walked away because of her gambling and left two children with her. Sometimes she doesn’t have money to buy foods for her children and sometimes the utilities get cut off for non payment. I didn’t know about this until my family told me yesterday. Now with a little clearer mind, I think it is possible that my wife will get in similar situations and the reason she hasn’t is because I was always there to bail her out.