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Hi AVFC you’ll probably get asked to start your own thread but as you and Hammo are both new to this what I’ve got to say applies to you both.

In the early days it’s quite tough you’ll think you’ve got it boxed off some days, other days you might be gagging for it. It’s in these early days foundations should be set to protect you in the future. It’s ok being strong and resolute when you’ve got no money, but sooner or later you will end up with wages or other money. As you know it’s quite ridiculous how the mindset changes when you’ve gone from penniless to having some/any money. I know at times I’ve been perfectly sensible until a months salary hit the bank then it was all change. Like jeckle and hyde. It’s taken me years, literally years, to protect myself from myself and thus stupidity. My boss only pays me a small amount each week, saving and paying off debt with the rest. So I don’t even see my wages, just enough for rent, diesel and about £50 to get me through the week. For years I ignored the advice to give control of my finances to some one. I do it now, and I’m so pleased.

Recovery is a lot more than just giving up gambling, but you must walk before you can run.

First and foremost you must stop gambling before you can go forward with anything. It’s mad that if one of your mates told you just to stop doing it and keep out the bookies, you’d feel like punching him, but at the end of the day that is what we’ve got to do. I know you’ve probably felt at times you just couldn’t help it, something’s just dragged you in, I know I have. But just look at it man, what a load of bollox. We’ve let the addiction get in our head nothing drags you in. There’s nobody reeling you in with an invisible fishing rod, or somebody with a giant magnet pulling us in we go because we want to.

For me recovery has been about learning to change myself from gambling being my natural reaction to everything, to it being an informed decision. Thankfully I havnt had to consider that decision for months, let me tell you both life can be brilliant without gambling in it.

This used to be a really busy forum once Hammo, but you get a lot of people just pop up for a week and then never return, there was also a period when this site wasn’t allowed to help uk users unless connected with Gordon moody assoc. That’s changed now, I’m sure the longer you stick around the more support will pop up.

Sometimes it’s months before I post on a new thread, yours caught my eye for some reason. Don’t get disheartened if you get no replies for a few days. You both might like to try the support groups, there’s gamblers only rooms, nothing said in the groups is ever repeated anywhere else, sometimes it can be like a confessional but it’s important to get things off your chest.

Nobody will pressure you in to anything or judge you. We’re all CGs and know the depths we can sink to for the sake of getting a bet on.

Wishing you both well.