Two of his team mates know about his addiction. One of them understands because he goes to the casinos, but he only brings a little, leaves his check book and credit cards in a safe at his house. The other team mate does not understand why he just does not just quit. My husband does not know that I told them, but I knew they needed to know what was going on and why my husband has been acting different. Plus, I knew that the friend that gambles would understand some what.

Just have been exhausted the last couple of days thinking of my options and what I need to do. We both do not say anything, and just trying to pretend that things are okay when they are not. I am afraid to say anything to him, but he needs to know that financially things are not good. He somewhat knows, but chooses to ignore the situtation. Just feels like I have been living a nightmare the last 12 months and I just want to wake up.