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Appreciate that.
Today a difficult day draining and tiring. Internet wi fi constantly cuts out. First kitchen sink arguments today just after I was taking in the news about doctors coming back from retirement in the hospital dying. My son came in having a right go that after I cooked dinner late I left the washing up. He also mentioned getting his uncle over to do some work. He already blew it last week getting his brother to come over. I let rip about how doesn’t he ever learn anything? It took a few hours, we made up later and he went out to the shop for me. The news is sad and depressing.
I immediately bought a dishwasher. The amount of kitchen sink arguments people have is unbelievable. Will leave me short for the month but we have organic food in and coming.
The rest of the day spent arguing with her who wrote to two of my team, both deemed vulnerable after being told not to by my mother boss who was on leave today, telling them to immediately reply in the hospital. The stupidity of what is going on just in some hospitals, not just mine is unbelievable. My boss caught covid in the hospital, he has a temperature and cough but made contact yesterday. My other boss who was off today warned hr not to do this.
So a day of arguments have left me tired and drained. Fell asleep at 7. Had a 1:1 with gma At 4 which was short. I was trying to dissipate my anger. Exercise and movement was what we thought might do it. Instead I fell asleep…
There will be more needless deaths of nursing staff and more doctors, and it stinks.