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I very much appreciate you saying that. Yes, there are still difficulties in Iife, recovery doesn’t mean the land of milk and honey beckons but it certainly beats the misery of gambling.
On Saturday I didn’t clean up, but did today and totally cleaned my bedroom. On Saturday I studied for about three hours of Qi gong instead, watching videos Taking in the movements. . I am doing a lot of the sitting meditations to start with as I find my focus and concentration isn’t great, and I need to develop it. Being glued to the iPad and playing games for a few hours is terrible for the focus and concentration. I have rampant attention deficit so Qi gong will help slow things down and build the ability to focus. I am building up to doing the flow of movements as they take a bit of learning,
For about the past ten days I have had fairly constant left kidney pain, the place where I have half a left kidney left from the cancer a long while back now in 2011. It is a bit worrying and accounts for some of my tiredness and shadows under the eyes I think. I did some Qi gong exercises to strengthen the kidneys and it has actually succeeded in taking Away the pain. I have known for a while that all is not well there but I was so glowing And well from the diet that I ignored doing anything about it. I think my two lattes in the morning from my lovely coffee machine are not helping matters so I will need to make some changes too.
Lockdown has not helped me, aside from giving me the time to study things I am interested in. I feel that things have gone backwards, I had a great routine of self care going, and I feel that Not doing these and the lack of fresh air has really not helped me. I have had a tendency to veg out and play games like almost being frozen in my house, and it has to change soon.
My son has said he is making some changes and cleaning his life up. He has been on a diet as he finds now he has got to 38 that you can’t just keep abusing your body and expect it not to react. He lost weight and has now put it all back on. I can see he is quite genuine about making changes and is going on a juice fast. I cooked dinner for him today and had an early night, I am stopping the hello fresh as they are very calorific although my weight is pretty stable at the moment but it does seem to fluctuate a bit. They made another mistake this week and instead of getting the dishes I ordered they chose for me and of course, sent me things I do not like.