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25 months gf today, I went to group tuesday and Friday and it helps cos whilst I can’t block the computer game, i haven’t played it and wrote to the company and asked what they do to protect addictive folks. Ty for reaching out they said and the answer was nothing. It doesnt stop here i say I will take this up as a mini cause.
Week started off at work with a long journey and then it all got cancelled. I was livid, hours wasted on train, tube and bus but we move on and the end of the week was better. So instead of playing the game I read Margaret Atwood s follow up to the handmaids tale, released in a flurry of media frenzy. Finished it in two days, very good it is too. Very reflective this week of what I want to do. I could live three lifetimes and not do everything I would like to do. But I have narrowed it down. Travel still even if I can’t do long haul. Option of a PHD and /or creative writing. Will do the diet course maybe in the new year as it is the one thing that has made a dramatic difference to my health and my life. Of course, if I was gambling I would have cut off all options for living my life. Gambling is a living death and I am glad to be rid of it.
The rest of this year don’t fancy doing any courses as have spent my life doing them and taking a leisurely break.
Today went for a facial and pedi. Very nice. I am ticking along and I am Ok. My son got a promotion and I am very slowly changing the house, clearing every bit of clutter ready to redecorate soon.
Beautiful sunny day today which pleases me enormously. Still not quite ready to let go of the summer yet.