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My risotto was a disaster. It wouldn’t evaporate off and the pan ended up burnt. I still ate the burnt risotto, it was a bit yuck but I didn’t want to waste food, but didn’t expect anyone else to. I used a pan was that not non stick. Lesson learned.
Today I had a full on day working from home and it went quickly. Did an on line Skype gma Women’s Group and enjoyed that then did a 2 hour medical intuitive course on zoom. That was great. I am doing all the things I have really wanted to do but never had the time as I was always working. So on that level, I am very pleased I now have the time to fulfil some of things my soul wants to do. Spoke to Pete and he is ok still working but keeping a social distance.
My son has now shifted the front room to his bedroom next to mine and it is great. Windows wide open so I can get the air with my pc set up next to the window. My bedroom gets very little air and of course I am the original Fagash lil. . He has got me a humidifier. The dishwasher was delivered. His room looks like the white stuff, everything Including the floorboards is white. The place is really coming together.