Thanks for your kind words
Ive realised myself my first moves are to 1) buy a home safe to keep valueables, purse etc locked away without looking over my shoulder all the time and 2) I need to get my own bank account to keep my money separate to avoid more financial strains

He gambles online on basically anything and everything !

I think I’ve realised I need to be strong for me and there is hope out there albeit a long road ahead

He swears this is it this time and says he has the willpower this time to change but I can’t take that seriously at the moment. I’ve asked him to go back to the weekly GA meetings but he is dragging his heels saying they are uncomfortable and not necessary so I’ve basically stood my ground and said that’s his decision but I can’t accept that and I want him to leave

He’s still here and I’m secretly hoping come meeting day which is Saturday he Changes his mind.

I don’t want to keep putting him down and have read about good and bad times so if you have any pointers you can give on that front id appreciate that

When is your next f&f meeting ?