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Unfortunetely I went back to it… And, what’s even worse (maybe not worse but it all makes terrible) I’m back in debt…

All it took were 2 emails that went through spam: good loan offer and new bookie offer. They went through on the same time on the day in which I had a lot of spare time. I planned to play Stellaris, but instead I registered and started playing…

I feel terrible, but I will not surrender in my recovery, no worries. I was excpecting that this will happen. After I repay the debt again I will close my acc on ALL loan companies, just to make sure I won’t relapse. I just closed an acc on onre more company. I could have taken their money and made the situation even worse, luckily I did not. I will try to salvage some remains of cash from long-term bets, but this will be hard. Luckily apart from this exact bookie I will not be able to play anywhere else, due to gamban, so no casino, slots or an other sites are available.

I’m down around 4.5k in debt right now, actually a bit less. No idea how I might repay this… Tomorrow or the day after I’m filling self-exclude form from the last bookie. I still have there 1000 PLN bonus from my last deposit. It would be a pity not to try bet with this – If I win, at least some of the money is back.

Tomorrow I will try to do my financial excel sheet and write down all things that I need to pay, exact dates and any possible income sources.

Do you have any ideas how may I get help with this?