Hi everyone. A little update for you. My partner is nearly halfway through his cancer treatment. I won’t say it’s easy because the daily trek to the hospital for radiotherapy and weekly chemotherapy is no way easy. I am off work with stress while he goes through this treatment.
About a month ago, my son, my cg and I had a huge row and it ended with me saying that it was best he led his life and I led my life. He called me ‘a nasty piece of work’ which I had to really really talk to myself and wake up to ‘No, you are not a nasty piece of work’. He was lashing out. Anyway, we have had minimal contact since. I’ve turned off the phone he could contact me on … it’s sitting in a draw and not been on for month. He left a message on Skype to say Happy Mother’s Day and hoped my partner was getting better.
But that’s it. I don’t feel anything. I am angry at myself for giving the bookies all my money but that’s it. Don’t know what else to say right now, but hope everyone else is okay and finds the strength to resolve/walk away/let them go/get your cg to get help. I still hope one day he will ‘wake up’ and get the help he deserves.
Best wishes