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Good afternoon.
After a couple more (expensive) lapses, I’m concentrating daily on not gambling. I’m trying to look at the fact that gambling has brought nothing but negativity to my life and that it will take me years to pay off what I owe. I still plan to talk to some sort of counsellor/therapist through my doctor and will arrange this in the coming weeks. I want to try and get a better understanding of why I acted the way I did with my compulsive gambling. Taking a step back, I’ve drank heavily, dabbled in drugs for a period and now gambled to excess and lost huge amounts of money-perhaps the ‘addictive’ part of my personality has always been there and always will, but it’s being aware of that and trying to control it maybe. Having experienced suicidak thoughts many times through gambling, I’m grateful that I’ve stopped…hopefully forever and can move on with my life.