Well, I have not had my debit card with me for the last 3 weeks, and only take out cash for the week from the bank teller. I have stopped carrying my check book for about two months. He got livid a few weeks ago, when I did not have my debit card and wanted me to call he son to bring it to me. I told him no. He has said some pretty harsh things to me, and the craziest thing he said was that it was my fault for not paying bills. Right now I am very angry at him. I sent out a nice email a few weeks ago about how he needed help and what I was going to do to take care of myself. He just said well said. I figured that this past weekend was going to make or break us…but it just fizzed. He won’t talk to me, until I say no on taking out money. Then it is the irrational two year old tantrum. He says that he does love me, and right now I just do not believe him anymore. I have been telling more of our friends about what is going on, and several have told me if I need to get out fast, I have a place to stay for awhile, or to just hide out in a safe place. So, there is where I am at, and just waiting for this thing to explode and get real ugly real fast.