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Hi all,
Thanks for the post Vera. Hope life is treating you well. Well, it was of some help. She tells me many vulnerable people in the Uk in desperate straits because of the Uk government targeting the vulnerable. It has taken 51 days to get any financial help. This scandal has hit the headlines as many disabled people and unemployed people have had cuts to their benefits and have committed suicide. We went through a budget and would have to pay the shortfall,in bedroom tax and towards arrears which will leave enough to pay mobile phone and broadband per month. Nothing for fuel, food,or bills. She is going to try and get myfuel debt cancelled and apply for a grant for bankruptcy. I am waiting for my test results as I know something is not right in wholeof my GI system. I had to laugh today as a prankster ha does the Maybot our prime minister her P45 when she was giving her speech. Radical,change is required here in the Uk. Give tax cuts to the rich and starve the poor is their policy.
Well, that rent over, my son rang granddaughter is going off the rails just as I did as a teen and he wants to try and move her back to London. If that is the case she would live with me but there are a lot of hoops to jump through before that can happen. He recognises that the family are all isolated and that we need to come together. He is taking the lead on ensuring this happens as he recognises he is living a similar type of life to me, and wants to do an intervention with the fs I,y to ensure we right the sins of our parents and our own. I am proud of him for doing this. He is stepping up the the plate as the lead hour depleted, disparate and geographically isolated. His ex mrs married a rich man and took two of his children to live in Scotland. She is now divorcing this man after 5 years as all she wanted was some stability coming from a dysfunctional family background even worse than our own. So he may see more of his boys, rather than the Skype and odd weekends, summer hols. So much disruption in their young lives, she leaves my son, takes the children to Scotland, gets married and 5 years later divorced again. At least they get to see their dad, I never got to see my mum until I was fifteen…