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So the few work calls I have After the row demonstrate to me that this pressure cooker called lockdown is causing many people problems. Things have a tendency to be synchronous in energetic patterns. A senior colleague mentions her husband has asked her for a divorce. Another colleague has old family rows brewing again. Everything that may have been an issue previously gets blown out of all proportion.
I don’t think we can all continue like this.
Pete calls and puts some perspective on it but I start to well up again just talking about it. My son has no right to keep going on about my relationships. It is my business as is his his business. What I do notice is that the universe tries to help the situation. As we help another we help ourselves. I felt wounded by the row this morning and in three calls subsequently separate issues come up and they all help with perspective.
Pete hit the nail on the head, he said it is the disrespect that is the hardest to deal with and I agree, it is. Pete Sid that my son. Has never dealt with these issues even though he says he has, he keeps hitting me with them every time a disagreement comes up