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Thanks, IDI, RG, Charles, Monica, Kin, Joerdj.
I’m back on track, just for today.
My mindset has changed once again. All for the better.
Been through a rough patch. I didn’t fold my money in two, Joerdj. Some fat cat did that on my behalf, laughing all the way to the bank but that’s in the past now.
RG, I will consider a blocker. For now I have taken “time out” from the hellholes. I actually blame myself for your recent online venture.I hope and pray you have called a halt?
Monica, I’m following your thread with interest. Like you, I quite enjoy solitude but I also treasure my freedom.
Charles, I got a new bank card. Instantly memorized the number that can be scratched off. (Old habits die hard!) I can’t relinquish that card. I use it for other online business.
Kin, I am ever grateful for your constant support.You are a faithful friend.
IDI, I am so glad you have come through this insanity unscathed. (Well, intact might be a better description) You and I have had close shaves. Better times ahead!
Today , my mind is clear.
I walked approx 7 miles last night. (I tend to do a mental extension on this 2km restriction, due to my rural existence)
I taxed my car online tonight using yet another loan, which is safe due to recent prudence and delayed approval, which allowed me time to think straight and set up a block on online sites BEFORE the money hit my bank account. Otherwise I could be ploughing through it right now. ‘Doesn’t bear thinking about.
I am free for another while.
God is good!