I had a much better weekend woooo. I explained to my cg I didn’t want a repeat of the last four weekends and would be turning off my phone for a large part of it. I went out with my partner and as it’s my birthday tomorrow and saturday was the one year anniversary of my first chemotherapy, we had much to celebrate. A friend made a birthday meal for us and then we went to the pub to enjoy the music there. After my partner and I crashed out on the sofa’s at his house for the night and staggered back in the morning!! Yesterday was a catch up of sleep!! So basically a weekend doing what I wanted (for a change) and little contact with my cg. He seems excited (as does my daughter) that I will see him next week. As it is a flying visit I will make sure the boundaries are set in place before I go. We are also making plans to be together at Christmas … the first time I will have spent the holidays with my children for four years. So things are looking up but I am not naive to understand the beast is still there in the corner waiting. Thankyou to everyone who offered me support during my turbulent time recently. Keep smiling everyone. San xx