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Lily Nix

Thanks Laura, yes I have had mood swings for sure, and I have not gone more then 3 months without gambling in 8 years, so when the 3 month mark hits I will be extra careful and celebrate the time with something positive! I am feeling good right now and I think the difference this time is ACCEPTANCE that I can not gamble responsible, I have given up the illusion that things will be different and each day does get easier.

My Mantra when a thought comes in my head about going to sit in front of a slot is “let it go and be free” I was never really free sitting in front of a machine, I was a slave to it…sometimes I actually get sick to my stomach when I think about the time and money spent, I am listen to my body this time!

I am grateful for all I have and a site like this to come too with great people like you Laura!