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urges urges urges !!!!
So its true those urges are persistent and annoying to say the least. No one to blame but myself for that. I deserve it I guess when you flirt with gambling and you think your in control. I am frustrated for sure. I am fighting them but wishing I could go for just some fun but I see clearly that this is dangerous thinking. I’m only wanting something I shouldn’t have I guess.
Do you ever get to the point when it all makes complete sense and you just stop wanting what you can’t have.???
One of my co workers tells me she just won 13 thousand and even shows me the cheque and seems to win very often and all I can ask myself is why her and not me ????
Well back to the drawing board as they say and try to convince myself that is not good for me on any level.
Right now I truly can’t trust myself so I am relying on my hubby to keep me in check until I rebuild my confidence in myself.
I want to pass on my regards to all of those that I share with and let you know I’m thinking of you all but right now I just can’t get into posting much or commenting on your threads. hope you understand and hopefully Ill come around soon.FG