I wasn’t sure where to post to you.
I have missed you so much.
Your words of wisdom, the ability to project calm.
I have posted tonight because I gambled.
Ive been away a long time and so much has happened.
A lot of happiness for sure.
My mum has faded to a lady who doesn’t recognise me any more. Breaks my heart every time. Still I go, sometimes she is happy and chats away, other times she tells me to go away. Never sure what I am going to get. Still I go.
Brea is due for her baby in 6.5 weeks, I have her baby shower tomorrow. A little grandson (yep she found out) for me to love.
Jode is still my bestie, and we are taking the holiday of a lifetime in October to the USA. Knowing me as you do I’m sure you can imagine my excitement. In saying that, we have taken on a few extra jobs to pay for it and boy have we been tired, but it will all be worth it.
Ok, I read your post……..heres an interesting addition, I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. One sister died almost 16 years ago but….she was a compulsive gambler, my other sister is a compulsive gambler who has been managing her addiction for over 15 years. My other sister is more of a binge gambler but is addicted to other substances, and my brother doesn’t gamble at all. All the girls in the family have had addiction issues. I often wonder if we got the gene (if there is one) from our dad who was addicted to smoking and drinking and I’m not sure what else…. Food for thought? Or maybe just bad luck? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter does it? I can only work on me.
I truly hope that you are well and happy.
An angel on earth.
Love K xxx