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I do have a good update but before I do. I will answer your questions.
what was she doing that gave you hope? — she admitted to looking out on forums and steps to help herself recover. She was setting certain goals and time limits for herself which she adhered to.

Does she get angry, does she lie about things for not reason at all, does she look after her friends, is she good at her job, is she a good mother? — she hasnt lied about things to me other than the gambling but she lies to her friends and my son about her problem. She is VERY good at her job. We opened the business because she does so well. customers are scheduling months in advance for an appointment with her. She is a GREAT mother in terms of making sure my son never has to go without anything and taking care of all his needs.

How have you got on treating her addiction as a beast? Have you stood back and listened to her rather than telling her what she needs to do? I am progressing well. I have sat back and listened but have stood my ground when she insults me. I always tell her that she is being unfair because of “the beast” and her words are hurting me for no reason. I started going with her CHOICE in the matter. letting her know that her decisions are ruining her son’s opinion about herself.