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Vera, I remember a few times, years ago making the 2 hour round trip (4 hours). to chase my looses, knowing like you I was going to win my money back. Ugggh the wasted days of driving back and forth never to win anything, only to loose more. Good God the torture we have let ourselves endure. I have often thought about you saying “ placing the first bet, you might as well stand In front of a firing squad” (something like that) I can’t tell you how many times i’ve Heard the words but still…. “off to the races” only to walk out thinking “why did I not listen to those words.. oh well all we can do is dust off and keep on trying right?? It really is as easy as surrending to God but that Damm devil has such a foot hold. The good news we can still break free and not give him another foot hold.