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Vera – so sorry to hear this .
I will see u in group at 12 if you want .

It is the worse feeling – you are not a fool- you have an addiction and like me – you are maybe not doing everything you should to control it – but that is addiction- it sneaks in through the tiniest openings, it steamrolls over our plans , it squashes our dreams and it crushes us our bodies . It is just horrible .

That’s said , you will recover and you will feel a little better in a few days – you will stop eventually Vera , and you will rebuild your fund – but as we all know only too well we will never build anything through gambling . Gambling only demolishes ! It is a wrecking ball .

Be kind to yourself vera – you have done nothing worse than any of us on here – I am gutted for you but I know you are a survivor and I know you can get back into recovery – you know what works for you xx