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Very good point Vera – I would have to put so much effort into gambling now to even access it – and yet I moan about the effort I put into not gambling.

Still feeling horrible with this cold but managing to keep going.

Life is pretty good – the bank looks ok. ( a lot of people would be horrified to have so little after working for so many years ).
I am realising that my outlook on life is quite dependent on my bank balance – not that I want to spend loads – but I have a need for that security .

I am hoping I can get through January without dipping into my savings – thats my next target .
I also want to buy some tools –

I love watching interior design programmes and I am going to treat myself over the coming months to a sewing machine , an electric saw thing and a glue gun! Perhaps even in the January sales . It is only weeks ago a ton of paint seemed out of reach !

Life is good – I am happy !