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Hello there, I cant tell you what to do but give an advice . There it goes , its hard to live with a cg they lie and from experience hiding it from the family that can maybe help him is not a good idea,they take advantage of the situation . I use to excuse my husband all the time but it gets old but hey the up on this is that you are just dating your not all the way in, tel the family and give him an advice hopefully he will listen and if not you got two choices 1 stick around and welcome to a roller coaster life or give each other a break , cause girl its not fun or easy. what ever you chose i hope that you have inconsideration what your goals are and if you are looking for a real relationship strong and if he can give you that are or if you really do love him that much which is okay too just be prepared .Its not easy but hey its all up to you. I know this i have been with my cg for 13 yrs and he knows he has an issue and has tried and fail and its a battle all the time the lack of trust is an awful feeling ,having to deal with all the issues at home when he forgets that he has 5 kids its not cool and so damaging but i did say in the good and in the bad .I have been trying to educate myself more and more about this illness and coupe and support him when he wakes up from lala land and start allover again trying to get close to the lord keeps me a bit more sane .
But hey you havent got married and well ask him what his goals in life are check that out maybe you see your self taking a descion.
what ever you do think it over and be sure in your heart and mind i think you know what you should do.
take care and best or luck keep writting,