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I dont go to the casino much for that very reason-it’s very difficult to look around and see yourself in others. I see the sadness, the desperation and the anger. I dont go for that reason and the biggest deterrent is the ride of shame home. I sometimes will think about the excitement of the ride there and the walking into the casino with the lights and the sounds, then I make my mind go to the walking out. The ride home. It seems endless. I feel lonely and helpless and so many other things that I only feel when I gamble there. I dont want to be one of those 85 year old people in the casino betting pennies and hoping for a miracle to save me. I dont want to be consumed like everyone else. Keep in your mind the feelings when you leave the casino. Unlike the ads, we are not the happy, excited ones cheering about our victory as we exit. Keep it in the front of your mind and the path of abstinence will be much easier