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yes we are alike , we gamble and make excuses and promises over and over again. We both must stop the BS and get to doing what must be done once and for all. QUIT FOR GOOD That is my plan
Ihad a interesting situation tonight I’d like to share.
I went to a fund raiser for my best friends son who is in a 2 year recovery program for drugs. I really supported the idea of sending him there and was as helpful as I could be.
Anyway the night before Hubby and I prayed for recovery and God’s intervention. That being said just out of the blue my best friend called me over and wanted me to meet this girl who just happened to be cg too. no one new each other and suddenly i was opening up to her and admitting my addiction. She explained that she had lost everything but was in recovery for a year in a half gamble free. She quickly offered her support and asked me to take her # which I did. With in minutes we formed a bond, hugging telling truths very rarely uncovered. It took place all within no time at all i opened up to my best friend for the first time admitting the truth about my addiction. I had been afraid to tell her because I doubted her ability to be supportive. I have been her closest friend for years but at that moment I felt closer to a complete stranger. i have never relied on others in this way but feel that it might be the right thing to do at this point. She says she believes in paying it forward and has offered unconditional support. Answer to prayer I think. I am going to believe in myself enough to make it and I believe in you Vera to make it as well. No more giving away what rightfully belongs to us and our recovery. Lets make life matter and find healthy ways and simple ways to enjoy the rest of our lives ok FG