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We will need to learn how to recognise our negative self talk in order to begin to control our anxiety and emotional reactions to our particular anxiety provoking situation. To do this we will need to monitor and write down what our sub personalities(the worrier, the critic, the victim, and the perfectionist) are telling us for at least a week. We need to pay attention specially to occations when we are feeling anxious(panicky), depressed, self -critical, and ashamed, or otherwise upset. Look for the thoughts that were going through your mind that led you to feel the way you did. Try to be specific to what you were actually saying to yourself. eg. ” what if I panic while giving my talk today?” is specific whereas “I felt scared” is not specific example of self talk because it does not indicate what you were thinking or saying to yourself.

Ask yourself the following question in situation when you have an urge:
What am I telling myself that is making me feel this way? or
what automatic thought went trough my mind?
Notice /catch yourself in the act, be aware of situation that are likely to be aggravated by self talk.

That is it for tonight. One day at a time and concentrating on today is the best I have ever done.