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I was able to nap when my Granddaughter did yesterday and I had a decent nights sleep! I rose early and watered my garden and peach tree! We have cherry tomatoes and lettuce so far!!! I mopped and cleaned the house. Waiting for my Granddaughter to wake up so I can vacumn.
Thinking about going later today to get the car cleaned!
Last night as I was reading the Carr book, I was reflecting on my gambling days. Honestly, I’ve never felt more content then I do Now! I feel like I can achieve anything I want. My dreams will become reality. Maybe tweaked a little though.
My weight loss is at a standstill. I know what I need to do but I haven’t fully put myself into it. I find this ridiculous as I’ve been able to take control in other areas of my life. No more excuses or I’ll do it tomorrow. It starts today. I will reach my goal by September. There’s no stopping me!